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Experimental work clothes

Experimental work clothes

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If you want to unify the work clothes of the employees, you must find a long-term cooperation manufacturer. The professional tooling is formulated to understand the customization of work clothes. It is still summer. When the student school uniforms are put into production, they want employees to wear work clothes. Therefore, the current custom summer is short. Sleeve overalls need to communicate with the sales staff. The sales staff choose the style according to the nature of the industry the environment of the workplace.

1. Protective (tooling style) The fabrics of protective work clothes usually have special functions contain protective effects. Such work clothes are common work clothes, usually these work clothes are complete sets. For example, protective work clothes such as gas stations construction companies have some special effects on the human body. Such work clothes are of great significance function for employees. Therefore, such winter work clothes need to pay attention to the warmth of the fabric. , Also need to pay attention to the functionality of the fabric.

2. Image category (uniform style) Jobs in some industries should require employees to wear suits uniforms. For example, sales staff business hall staff require that they must wear uniform style work clothes to work. This type of work clothes is more effective to create a good high-end image, at the same time, it also shows respect for customers consumers. This type of work clothes are characterized by good-looking styles, but they have poor warmth retention, inconvenience flexibility.

Welfare-type (T-shirt sweater style) welfare-type work clothes are very popular in many companies at present. In addition to the protective uniform types of work clothes mentioned above, the basic company-customized work clothes belong to the welfare type. For example, you often see Corporate culture shirts high-end advertising shirts can be said to be welfare work clothes. Customized styles of this type of winter work clothes are often seen in long-sleeved T-shirts, sweaters, baseball uniforms, etc. It is precisely because the styles of this type of work clothes are more fashionable practical, the patterns are diverse, patterns can be customized individually, so they are called welfare work clothes. Due to the wider applicability of this type of work clothes, more choices of fabric styles, more affordable customization prices, it has become a popular type of customization for many companies, a combination of this type of work clothes the above two work clothes, according to different Different types of work clothes are customized for some work types characteristics. All companies have their own styles. Guangzhou Jubaiyi customized work clothes will allow you to meet the most beautiful yourself, the most beautiful employees, the most beautiful companies. If you have custom requirements for work clothes, please feel free to contact us.



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