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Which is the best welders suit? How to choose?

2020-08-05 10:40:19

Generally, the working environment of electric welding workers will be in high temperature, welding slag splash, high radiation other harsh conditions. If the protective equipment is worn correctly, it is easy to cause harm to the body. Welder clothing is a protective clothing worn by welding workers during technical production in the factory workshop. It is based on industrial classification, the quality of the welding environment the strength of ultraviolet rays, the labor insurance products customized for welding workers have protective performance , Such as wear resistance, heat insulation fire resistance. So which is the best welder suit? How to choose?

How to choose welding work clothes?

Cotton canvas fabrics should be selected. In welding work, polyester other chemical fiber fabrics will become liquid stick to the skin when heated, which can easily cause burns scalds; while cotton professional clothing is more resistant to high temperatures, even if students’ uniforms are customized After burning, it will only turn into ash, it will change. The welder's clothing provided by Xinlei can meet these requirements.

During oxygen welding, in order to prevent sparks, slag, etc. splashing on the head shoulders high places, the key stress parts will be reinforced with double skins pot nails to provide workers with a safe operation protection environment; The welder's uniform will also be equipped with an adjustable velcro upright collar, which can block the high-temperature spatter generated during welding; the shoulder is designed with seam guards to enhance the durability of the welder's uniform.

Welders’ uniforms should be kept dry damp. The pockets of the overalls should have a cover. The upper body should cover the waist. The length of the trousers should cover the upper. There should be no damage, holes, grease on the overalls of the welder in summer.

Welder uniform

Which is the best welder's suit?

Hunan Yongfei Special Protective Products Co., Ltd. is a domestic comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production sales of welder's clothing. The company independently develops, produces sells shielding clothing, arc-proof clothing, splash-proof clothing, high-temperature flame-retardant clothing, welding overalls, acid alkali-resistant clothing, anti-static clothing, clean clothing, multi-functional clothing, etc. clothing. Won the "National Industrial Product Production License", ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification special labor protection products safety mark certificate. Choose a professional manufacturer for welding work clothes. For more information about welding work clothes, please contact us online.


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