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What are the safety dress details that must be paid attention to when wearing flame retardant clothing?

2020-08-05 10:34:33

In some working environments, people are very susceptible to harmful hazards caused by open flames. In order to ensure work safety in these environments, some precautions must be taken. According to official statistics, in many life-threatening catastrophic events in flame-retardant protective clothing, fires account for as much as 73%. Among the life-threatening injuries, burns in clothes are more serious than in exposed skin. Among them, every 1% of skin burns require hospitalization for 1.5 days, an average of 19 days of hospitalization, a daily cost of more than 18,000 US dollars. The entire hospitalization cost is between 200,000 700,000 US dollars, in many cases it will exceed 1 million US dollars. This is an unacceptable loss for the injured the enterprise. Flame retardant clothing came into being for this. While ensuring safety, the risk of enterprises is reduced on a larger scale, so the safety of flame-retardant clothing is more important. Here, Hunan Yongfei introduces some small details of wearing flame-retardant clothing. You can pay more attention when using it.

1. Everyone may have the habit of ignoring the top button of the shirt when wearing a shirt, which has no effect on life work. But it is different when wearing flame-retardant clothing. Buttons play a decisive role in protecting the wearer's skin. In order to ensure the normal protective function of work clothes, you must fully press down all buttons (including zippers) of the clothes, so as to reduce the possibility of danger.

2. In order to further protect the neck chest area, please pay attention to the inner base of the clothing. In order to ensure portability reduce costs, many manufacturers in the market remove the inner base layer of clothing, which greatly affects the flame-retardant protection level of clothing. Our flame-retardant clothing has a flame-retardant base layer inside, which is also comfortable to wear, does increase the volume, but restricts movement, provides higher safety protection for wearing. Of course, this also requires that we must pay attention to the flame-retardant base layer in the clothing wear it according to the rules.

3. I don't know if you have such a habit of dressing? When wearing casual clothes, you often put your shirt over your pants. When wearing formal clothes, tuck the shirt into your pants. The same is true for flame-retardant clothing. In order to reduce the possibility of more damage to the skin, it is necessary to tuck the top into the trousers to achieve the protective performance of the clothing.

Finally, you should pay attention to the overall fit of the clothing. It should be worn loosely, but it should be overly fitted tight. The air layer between the skin clothes can increase heat insulation protection in an open flame environment, so choose clothes to be too close to the body, as long as you can exercise comfortably.

Wearing the correct flame-retardant clothing can keep you away some work hazards. This is especially true for special industries. Life is a child’s play. The choice of flame-retardant clothing is very important. You can’t just consider cost, but also combine comfort maintenance requirements. the protection level other factors. Hunan Yongfei, the quality is trustworthy, the best choice for your company's intimate protection butler.


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