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How to choose flame retardant clothing fabrics?

2020-08-04 14:29:04

Flame-retardant clothing is one of the more widely used types of personal protective equipment. After contact with flames hot objects, within a certain period of time, flame-retardant clothing can prevent itself being ignited, flaming smoldering, protect workers Damage naked flames heat sources. Therefore, the performance of flame retardant clothing is very important, especially comfort, flame retardancy, fire shrinkage. Only when these three indicators meet the requirements at the same time, can they play a better protective role. Professional tooling development

At present, there are many kinds of fabrics used in flame-retardant protective clothing on the market, including flame-retardant cotton, modified flame-retardant polyester, aramid series (such as aramid, acrylonitrile), etc., but they have both comfort, flame retardancy, High-quality flame-retardant fabrics with little shrinkage in case of fire have almost none. Because any kind of fiber is perfect, each has its own advantages disadvantages.


Although pure cotton flame-retardant fabric has good comfort, it has low strength low temperature resistance, it can be carbonized at 180°C; fibers such as aramid, acrylonitrile, meta-aramid, shrink severely when exposed to fire, have low moisture absorption. , Poor comfort; high temperature resistance of para-aramid, small shrinkage in fire, but poor comfort; PBO (poly-p-phenylene benzodioxazole) fiber does shrink in fire, but it has been domestically produced, the price is expensive. Due to the low moisture absorption of polymer fiber, the wearing comfort is also poor.

 The comfort, flame retardancy, high temperature shrinkage of flame retardant protective clothing are equally important. Only when flame retardant clothing fabrics integrate these three functions can they provide better protection for the wearer. In order to meet the requirements of these three properties for flame-retardant clothing, Chinese companies have developed aramid blended flame-retardant fabrics made of cellulose flame-retardant fiber as the base material para-aramid fiber as the skeleton. The comfort, flame retardancy heat shrinkage of the combustion fabric.

 No matter which material is selected, the flame retardant performance of flame retardant clothing must meet the requirements of GB8965.1-2009 "Fire retardant protection of protective clothing Part 1: Flame retardant clothing". Play a protective role.


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