Flame retardant protective clothing

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Some small details of flameproof clothing

2020-08-04 14:26:29

Check whether the inner outer packaging of the flame-retardant protective clothing, the trademark signs safety signs of special labor insurance products are complete correct, the instructions for cleaning, maintenance repair are attached. Flame retardant protective clothing

Check the appearance of the flame-retardant protective clothing, there is no surface defect, breakage, stitching defect. The structure of flame-retardant work clothes is three kinds of tights, including neckline, cuffs hem, to avoid hot kisses splashing sparks, so as to avoid harm to the human body. The opened pocket should be equipped with a lid to avoid accumulation of splashing metal sparks. The ventilation holes reserved for heat dissipation should be on the inside of the armpits, back crotch to prevent foreign objects entering.

  High-quality flame-retardant protective clothing is soft to the touch does irritate the skin.

Some unqualified flame retardants have certain toxicity odor. Take out the flame-retardant protective package smell it, there is no peculiar smell pungent smell.

  The bags accessories of the flame-retardant protective clothing do affect the normal work; second, it is convenient to put on take off.

  It is suitable for testing the flame retardant properties of clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics tent fabrics with flame retardant requirements. Suitable for printing dyeing industry, rubber industry, textile inspection department scientific research unit.

  Open the flame-retardant work clothes check if they are in good condition. Unzip the flame retardant work clothes. First, put your legs in the tights, then your arms, finally put on your headwear. Close the zipper press the button. Put on safety boots adjust the laces as needed. It must be confirmed that the trouser legs completely cover the shaft of the safety boot. Finally, put on gloves so you can put on a full set of flame retardant clothing components. Take off the flame-retardant overalls in the reverse order.


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