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Why do most companies look for garment processing?

2020-08-04 14:24:16

① Specificity (corporate identification). Work clothes must be specially designed specially selected for your own unit. It is difficult for off-the-shelf work clothes to meet the requirements of this unit. Professional tooling development

② Low cost. After all, work clothes are an expense for purchasing a unit. No matter which unit claims that it doesn't care about money, it still has a strict budget. The price of ready-made clothing is generally higher than that of workwear companies in the same class (if you buy it in a mall, it will add a piece of commercial cost in vain).

③ Convenient operation. Work clothes are used for work. Whether you choose work clothes (suits, shirts) uniforms, you must ensure that the wearer feels comfortable when wearing them does interfere with work. This is fully considered by all ready-made clothes (in The design of the back, sleeves other parts should be adjusted on the basis of the ready-to-wear).

④ All numbers. The employees of a unit have various body shapes sizes, the ready-made garments generally only provide 5-10 sizes. Statistics show that even with 4 sizes for men's clothing, it can only cover about 90% of people ( it's particularly suitable for wearing). Therefore, the more high-end work clothes (such as formal wear), the more tailor-made.

⑤ Service is essential. Purchasing work clothes requires a lot of service support. For example, the handling of inappropriate clothing, the replenishment of new employees ( damaged clothing), the distribution of products by department post, etc. All of this, if you purchase ready-made clothes, it is easy to do, because ready-made garment companies do need to set up such a service department, there is no dedicated person to track a certain customer.

⑥ There are thousands of people. Although work clothes are customized by groups, they are worn by everyone. Therefore, the requirements for clothing (especially whether it is suitable ) are thousands of people. If you want employees to be satisfied, someone must serve each employee. Apparel companies generally do prepare such technicians service personnel to serve. At present, most garment factories have specialized tailors to personally measure the customers to ensure that every uniform fits.

⑦ Durability. Nowadays, companies with large purchases have an average of four sets per employee per year, one set of clothes must be worn every day, one wear for one year, the clothes are required to be very durable. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the durability of clothing materials craftsmanship. In addition, work clothes should also be considered for abnormal wear, which is generally considered in the production of garments.

⑧ Men women coexist. Work clothes must have men's women's clothing, to meet the problem of men women in enterprises. None of the current garment companies can guarantee the production of good men's women's products at the same time. Purchasing to men's clothing companies women's clothing companies separately increases the difficulty of the work (double purchase process, double after-sales service, double risk), may also lead to psychological imbalance between male female employees.

The above are the eight characteristics of work clothes procurement shared by Luoyang Clothing Customization Editor, which determines that the production organization mode of work clothes must be a one-to-one customization mode for everyone in the enterprise. The one-to-one customization model is essentially different the standardized production model of ready-made garments. It can be seen that purchasing ready-made garments will be a very risky thing!

In contrast, the price-performance ratio of Luoyang clothing custom manufacturers is much higher. When you have the intention your business needs to buy new work clothes, you may consider custom work clothes.


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