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How to avoid shrinking T-shirts

2020-08-04 14:21:46

T-shirts shirt manufacturers, in summer, most factories choose custom-made T-shirts as work clothes, but they usually choose high-cotton T-shirts. Because high-cotton work clothes are more comfortable to wear have good sweat absorption, but usually T-shirts with high cotton content have a common problem-shrinkage. What should we do if we encounter this situation? Today, the Shenzhen Dimei short-sleeved T-shirt manufacturer will introduce solutions to everyone. First, pay more attention to the label: There are many ready-made cotton garments that are pre-shrinked on the market. Generally speaking, the shrinkage rate is low. Because the fabric is processed by a high-temperature pre-shrinking machine before it is sewn, it is equivalent to Shrink early; so the shape of the clothing itself can be maintained particularly well. In addition, before purchasing cotton clothing, you can look at the label of the clothing. In addition to querying the texture cotton content, you can also look at the cleaning labels, such as whether it can be machine washed washed with warm water, to eliminate the incorrect cleaning. Confusion caused by shrinkage. Student school uniform customization

Second, T-shirts shirts manufacturers have knowledge about work clothes washing: For cotton clothes that have passed the anti-shrinking treatment, appropriate methods can be used when washing, which can effectively reduce reduce the degree of shrinkage of the clothes. For example, pure cotton products have strong alkali resistance. You can use a variety of pans lotions, soak the clothes in light salt water for half an hour before washing, then clean them. When washing, the water temperature needs to be controlled below 35°C, it should be soaked in the detergent for a long time. In addition, because the pure cotton fiber is resistant to pulling, you can wash the cotton clothes that you cherish by hand, put them in a laundry bag set the washing machine to weak water flow. If possible, some clothes softeners can be added to make cotton clothes soft without obvious shrinkage.

Third, T-shirts shirt manufacturers, work clothes have a trick: the process of clothing exposure also has a very large impact on the shrinkage of clothing, so don't ignore this final process. In order to avoid overheating shrinking of clothes, stretch flatten them properly when exposed to the sun. If it is hand-washed, do wring out all the clothes after washing, but leave some water so that the clothes will shrink under the action of gravity. It can also be ironed, after pulling the cotton clothes, they can be shaped with an iron, so that the clothes can be pulled again, then restored to the original size to deal with the confusion of shrinkage.


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