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Clothing agent processing tells you what it means to make a pattern

2020-08-04 14:18:02

Clothing pattern making is to make a model of the creative design of clothing. Clothing pattern making is also called clothing pattern, also called clothing model clothing template. The correct name should be clothing structure design. Student school uniform customization

Skill requirements

1. Clothing pattern-making must have a certain technological basis. To put it simply, no matter which part of your pattern is drawn, you must know the craftsmanship of that part, otherwise the pattern will conform to the printed pattern many times. The car cannot get up, the effect is far different.

2. In addition to manual operation of clothing pattern making, many companies require electrical clothing operation, that is, clothing computer CAD. There are many kinds of CAD software, but the basic operating principles are similar.

3. Clothing CAD should be built on the basis of handwork. If there is no handwork foundation, learning CAD directly is just learning to use tools, you can’t draw a layout. So if you see some schools promise to use handwork foundation , One two months can learn to use the computer to print the layout of the advertisement, please pay attention to it, this is feasible.

4. Although there are many types of clothing CAD software, it is generally easier to choose some representative software when learning, so that it is easier to learn other software. Fuyi ET software are good representative. There are also many foreign softwares, but some software does have a learning version, such as Gerber Lick.

But after all, clothing CAD is just an auxiliary tool. Many times when you take an exam, even if you do master the software of the company, the employer will first recognize your manual level during the exam.

If the level of manual work can satisfy employers, employers are often willing to give opportunities to adapt to the use of computers, but the premise is that they must have computer CAD before, but companies will give opportunities to familiarize themselves with the software you used before. Place.

Clothing design includes:

1. Creative design (style drawing, including expression of style, fabric, color, etc.);

2. Structural design (also called pattern-making, pattern processing, specific specifications dimensions of each part);

3. Sewing (also called parking space, the sewing process of a finished product). Among them, pattern-making is a link between the previous the next, it is the most important link in the entire clothing design.

After the clothing pattern is made, the samples must be turned into finished products with fabrics, because the following factors affect the shape of the finished products:

1. Garment structure: Whether the matching of specifications is reasonable, different parts have different specifications, appropriate adjustments should be made according to the frequency amplitude of people's common moving parts, instead of blindly measuring by static clothing specifications;

2. Clothing fabrics: clothing fabrics are thick thin, with without elasticity, elasticity, verticality, etc.;

3. Clothing technology: different parts should be equipped with different car methods, stitches, thread thickness, for stretch clothing, pay attention to the pulling force of the hand on the clothing when sewing;


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