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What are the considerations for custom school uniforms?

2020-08-04 13:59:58

1. Fabric materials student uniforms customization

Among the many materials, cotton is the most appropriate material for customized school uniforms. In the same weight of cotton cloth, the finer the gauze, the better its breathability, softness clothing experience. The finer the spinning cotton fabric, the higher the cotton texture color requirements. Therefore, when ordering school uniforms, attention should be paid to the fineness texture of the cotton used by the merchants, so as to give students a comfortable wearing experience every day.

2. Fabric forming function

Students in their school days are more active, so custom-made school uniform manufacturers believe that the school uniforms chosen for them must be functional. They should choose some school uniforms that absorb sweat quickly, have tough texture, are resistant to wear, are resistant to wind sand. Of course, it is necessary to consider the overall family economic level of the students, choose a high-quality inexpensive school uniform design. The price of the uniform can be accepted by most students, the practicality is also very impressive.

3. The health of dyeing materials

Although today's school uniforms are colorful, but most of them are mixed with multiple colors. Appropriate color layout will be refreshing. School uniforms are the personal clothing of students. Have you ever paid attention to the safety of dyes to dye school uniforms? Good quality dyes will be harmful to students. Therefore, we must choose custom-made dyes for school uniforms that have no pungent smell are easy to decolorize.

As an inseparable part of the student era, school uniforms carry the memories of the students, are also related to the health of the students, even affect the learning atmosphere on campus. Therefore, when choosing a custom-made school uniform manufacturer, we must carefully consider every aspect, choose school uniforms with strong functionality, quality of fabrics, qualified dyeing materials.


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