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Points to note when purchasing flame-retardant work clothes

2020-08-04 13:54:17

1. Definition of flame-retardant clothing Customized student uniforms

Flame-retardant clothing is one of the most widely used types of personal protective equipment. The principle of flame-retardant clothing protection is mainly to take shielding effects such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization isolation. Flame-retardant clothing protects workers open flames heat sources. . The fabric used in the flame-retardant clothing is flame-retardant fiber, which greatly slows down the burning speed of the fabric. It extinguishes itself immediately after the fire source is removed, the burning part is quickly carbonized without melting dripping, giving people time to evacuate the burning site take off the burning clothes on your body to reduce avoid burns scalds to achieve the purpose of protection. It is a work clothing prepared to protect the health, safety hygiene of workers.

2. Features of flame retardant clothing

Flame retardant work clothes have the following characteristics:

Use convenient, durable, safe fire-resistant buttons. The upper body fire-resistant flame-retardant clothing has safe convenient built-in pockets, the cuffs are all equipped with adjustable buttons. The style is generally 3 tight styles: tight cuffs, neckline, trousers; general firefighters use 4-layer flame-retardant clothing, while ordinary The industry usually has one layer; it is made of flame-retardant materials, which is extremely flexible comfortable to wear. It has a wide range of applications. This flame-retardant clothing can provide the most effective protection whether it is a pipe worker a wire-pull worker.


3. Flame retardant technology

There are two main types, one is the inherent flame retardant fabric fiber, such as aramid aramid blended fabric. The other is to post-finish the cotton cloth; the other is to change the internal structure of the fiber through a chemical process to reduce the combustible components achieve the purpose of flame retardancy. Flame-retardant fiber greatly slows down the burning speed of fiber extinguishes itself immediately after the fire source is removed. Flame-retardant technology, a form of deep protection, prevents the fire spreading disappears invisible, which is useful for reducing fire accidents. Burns damage are of great significance are widely used in industrialized countries.

4. Classification of flame retardant clothing

Flame-retardant work clothes can be divided into flame-retardant cotton protective clothing, flame-retardant synthetic fiber protective clothing, high-temperature flame-retardant protective clothing, flame-retardant aluminum film cotton protective clothing, thermal insulation protective clothing, etc., according to specific work The environment needs to be selected equipped.

5. The use of flame retardant clothing

It can be widely used in oil fields, metallurgy, electric welding, machinery, fire fighting other workplaces that have special requirements on clothing.

6. Essentials for purchasing flame retardant clothing

When purchasing flame-retardant clothing, you must choose products regular manufacturers. The required qualifications include national industrial product production licenses, product inspection reports, special labor protection products safety mark certificates.


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