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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing trousers for garment processing plants

2020-08-04 11:56:21

Waist professional tooling formulation

The waist of the trousers is the soul of the suit trousers, the fitted waist of the trousers can also enhance the quality of the belt the texture of the overall shape. But if the waistband is flawed, no amount of expensive belts will give you a clean image. The "waist" of a man is as obvious as that of a woman, but it will never hinder the correct "drop point" of the waistband. As long as the waistband is just above the belly button, even with a beer belly, it can have a clean sharp sense. People who are thin thin should avoid pulling the waistband too high. This will only fail to increase the length of the leg, but will only have the opposite effect. The width of the waistband is the waist circumference. It must be able to button, pull up breathe. In a natural smooth condition, it is just as thick as a flat stretched palm. If you need to breathe in before you can barely stretch your palms into the waistband, it means that the waist is too tight. If the waistband is too big to fit a fist, it means it is too wide. The waist circumference of suit pants can be modified by about 2 inches 1 1/2 inches larger. Once this range is exceeded, the horizontal line of the trousers pockets will change, making the whole trousers lose their original shape. Texture.


What issues should be paid attention to when choosing trousers for garment processing factories? the pleated waist of the suit trousers, we can tell whether a man has a good taste in dress. The close-fitting trouser pleats can only reveal a man's care taste, but also elegantly modify the lines of the waist abdomen, even cleverly hide the beer belly, adding points to the overall shape.


The crotch should drape naturally along the lower abdomen crotch, evenly connect with the trousers. Viewed the back, the suit pants should also follow the line of the buttocks be tightly connected to the trousers. If the hips trousers are too tight, only will it be uncomfortable to wear, it will also look awkward. If the hips crotch are too loose, the overall shape will be sharp.

Trouser legs

What issues should be paid attention to when choosing trousers for garment processing plants. When examining the legs of the trousers, please pay attention to whether the center folds are straight whether the length matches your 100%.

1. The center fold line of the trouser leg: The center fold line of the trouser leg must be unbiased, straight naturally hung to the upper. Only the straight center fold line can "support" the brilliance texture of the trouser legs, has a modification effect that makes the legs look more slender.

2. The length of the trouser legs: Human feet are usually equal in length. When measuring the leg length trouser length, you must measure all of them to avoid errors. Viewed the front, the length of the trouser legs must "comfortably" hang down to the upper. When the trouser legs are too long, too many creases will be raised on the upper, which can easily destroy the overall shape of the neat feeling; the back, the trouser legs The length of the trousers should fall at the junction of the heel the body of the shoe. If you want to make the legs look more slender, you can extend the length of the trouser legs to 1/2 of the heel. In addition, wool fibers will shrink slightly regardless of whether they are washed dry cleaned, so you might as well buy a slightly longer length than the standard length.


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