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The dressing of custom work clothes requires you to understand

2020-08-04 11:54:22

In our daily life, it is only necessary to keep the clothes neat tidy, but in some special industries, clothing processing factories can adjust body temperature for work clothes in response to changes in cold heat, ensure human health, prevent the human body external risk factors. Therefore, the dressing requirements for it are more important. The editor below will introduce the dressing requirements for custom-made work clothes. Flame retardant protective clothing

1. Custom-made work clothes should be tight light. The bulky work clothes are easy to be caught hung by the mechanical moving parts, the jacket-style clothing is safer. It should have no pockets one two small pockets, no useless pleats, straps, etc.

2. The frayed damaged place should be sewn immediately.

3. To clean frequently. When protective clothing is stained with oil flammable solvents, it should be cleaned immediately to avoid flammability.

4. When operating the machine, you should wear a safety helmet cover your hair completely to prevent the hair being twisted into the machine causing injury.

5. It is strictly forbidden to go barefoot wear slippers, sandals, straw sandals, etc. in the workplace, so as to avoid stabbing, smashing burning feet. In loading unloading operations, 70% of accidents are caused by unbalanced feet caused by unbalanced feet. You should wear non-slip shoes (boots) when working on ground that may slip. In order to avoid falling objects hurting your feet, you should wear toe-protection safety shoes. Generally, shoes suitable for work should have the following properties: when objects fall on the feet, they can protect the feet injury; when walking on smooth ground, they can prevent slippage; stepping on sharp objects can prevent the feet being pierced; the weight is light; Does hinder operation.

6. Semi-naked work is prohibited. In the hot summer high temperature conditions, some workers work half-naked, leaving most of their bodies exposed, making them vulnerable to burns other injuries.

7. It is forbidden to put in the pockets of work clothes that are prone to burning explosion, so as to hurt yourself others.

8. It is forbidden to wear neckties, scarves, handkerchiefs around your neck waist during mechanical operation.

9. It is forbidden to wear gloves to operate on the rotating parts of the machine.

The above is the introduction to the dressing requirements of customized work clothes. In many cases, we do need to choose fireproof, waterproof, windproof, dustproof, anti-radiation, anti-static, anti-oxidation, anti-high temperature, anti-low temperature other functions to be safe. The work, the correct wear can make it play a big role.


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