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Which fabrics are suitable for work clothes customization

2020-08-04 11:52:58

Which fabrics are suitable for work clothes customization? Luoyang work clothes processing customization will choose suitable fabrics for you according to the industry the nature of the work, so that the work clothes are comfortable beautiful, can also play a protective role in special environments. Therefore, the choice of fabric is very important in the customization of work clothes. The following editor of clothing manufacturers will talk about the characteristics, uses, advantages disadvantages of various fabrics: student uniforms customization

1. All cotton/pure cotton fabric

Cotton usually becomes pure cotton, cotton work clothes refer to work clothes with a cotton content of more than 95%. Cotton has always been the ideal fabric for people to customize clothing.

Why cotton is so popular with customers, because pure cotton feels soft comfortable, comfortable to wear, breathable, stuffy, good for human health. Pure cotton is more expensive than ordinary fabrics, but the price will differ much. The feel of cotton work clothes is different others. It can be grasped tighter tighter in the hand, it can be grasped in the heart of the hand, it can be infinitely close to the skin. In terms of temperature, the natural temperature of pure cotton is lower than that of the skin, so many summer work clothes will choose to use pure cotton fabric. Of course, this does mean that pure cotton cannot be used in winter. On the contrary, more cotton clothes are worn in winter, these winter work clothes are also made of pure cotton, so pure cotton has a larger market share.

2. Polyester cotton fabric

Polyester cotton is the second most in-demand fabric after pure cotton.

When many consumers hear that it is polyester cotton, they suddenly feel that it is a lower grade. In fact, the gap between polyester-cotton pure cotton is very big, polyester-cotton overalls also have their own advantages.

Among the polyester-cotton components, the cotton content is relatively small. Generally 33%-35% cotton 65%-67% polyester are mixed, called polyester cotton. Because it combines cotton polyester, it has the sweat absorption breathability of cotton, it also has the characteristics of polyester's wear resistance, low shrinkage, tall straight, easy to wrinkle, quick-drying. Therefore, the use of polyester-cotton fabric work clothes is also very popular.

3. Polyester card fabric

Polyester card fabric is still a common fabric in work clothes. The so-called polyester card is khaki woven with polyester yarn, which is the abbreviation of polyester khaki.

There are three types of polyester cards, namely yarn cards, half-line cards line cards.

Yarn card: The front back textures of the 2/2 twill weave are clear, so it is called double-sided card;

Half-line card: a 3/1 twill weave with clear lines on the front blurry lines on the back, so it is called a single-sided card;

Line card: It adopts a sharp twill weave, the floating lines of the warp yarn are longer coherent like satin, so it is called satin card.

Polyester card work clothes have the characteristics of compactness, thick feel, crisp durable, so they are more commonly used in mechanical work clothes.

4. Anti-static fabric

The demand for anti-static fabrics in the market has always been great, whether it is biopharmaceuticals, power protection, petrochemical plants.


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