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How to judge the quality of suits?

2020-08-04 11:51:43

In the clothing type. A suit has a heavy weight. A good suit is only based on the price, but also depends on its fabric, workmanship, fit. To judge the suit’s quality, it’s as difficult as you think. Today’s clothing processing The manufacturer will share with you the knowledge on how to judge whether a suit is good bad. Student school uniform customization

Several elements of a good suit:

(1) High-quality fabrics, which are the face of suits. Common high-end suit fabrics include the following: all wool (more than 93% wool content), wool + silk, wool + linen, pure linen, cotton + linen, wool +Cashmere, pure cashmere, alpaca (rare). Among them, common wool fabrics are divided into different yarn count levels according to the fineness of the wool yarn, such as 110 counts, 120 counts, 150 counts, etc. The higher the yarn count, the softer the fabric the more expensive the price. I know that there are 260 Italian wool fabrics. However, the fabrics with more than 160 counts are too thin, so the toughness will be reduced, it is easier to scratch. It is suitable for daily wear, especially when driving.


(2) High-level production technology auxiliary materials

The level of suit making process: Fusible interlining, half wool interlining, full wool interlining, pure handwork.

Fusible interlining is a very low grade, suitable for mass production in assembly line operation, which is the production method of most domestic brand suits.

There are two types of half-hair lining. A good half-hair lining must use real horsetail mane lining. This kind of half-hair lining is a higher grade than the half-hair lining without horsetail lining.

There are also two types of wool linings: those with woven fabric bonded to the surface of the fabric those with non-bonded woven fabric.

There are very few domestic suit manufacturers that can do all-wool lining. Because the craftsmanship is up to the standard, the fabric is bonded with woven fabric to make the body look flat.

The all-wool linings of real good suits are non-bonded woven fabrics, such as kiton, brioni, Zegna, CANALI, etc.

All handmade suits are all suits. For example, kiton brioni are all handmade, with prices starting at 50,000 in China.

To sum up the production process, a good suit must be at least a semi-wool lining process, if it is demanding, it must be a full-wool lining.

(3) Fit tailoring: no matter how good the fabric is, no matter how good the craft is, if the size is suitable for the tailoring, this suit does belong to you. If your body is very standard, congratulations, you can spend a relatively small amount of money to meet a fitted suit, but for most people, a completely fitted suit is indeed harder to meet. Many domestic suit brands are able to deal with the problem of the bulge at the lower part of the back collar. This is because many domestic manufacturers copy the Italian version, but the shoulder slope of the white people is large the shoulder slope of the Chinese is generally small, which leads to the back A bulge appeared under the collar. In China, you can buy that there is no bulge under the back collar, there is basically no surplus on the back shoulders underarms, even if it is a very well-cut version.

If I were to rank the importance of these three elements, the most important thing is the tailoring, followed by the craftsmanship, the fabric comes in the back. If you give me a budget of 5,000 yuan to buy a suit,

(1) I would choose to customize instead of buying a set, because people who wear a tailored suit will rarely like to wear a directly purchased suit.

(2) I will request the production process to be half wool lining

(3) Because of the expenditures of the first two items, I guess I can only choose some domestic wool ordinary imported fabrics.


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