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Anshan Steel Flower Safety Protection Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a clothing based manufacturer. Our company not only has a skilled production team, but also has a high-level technical design team, which supports customization with samples, drawings, labor and materials, and provides one-stop service for you. Our company has novel and diversified styles, including work clothes, labor protection supplies, polo shirt customization, school uniforms, and so on, making continuous progress and development Keeping up with the times and keeping up with the trend of the times, steel flower clothing stands at the forefront of the clothing industry. At the same time, steel flower clothing is finely crafted, with quality and quantity, and the price is also fair and reasonable. Because it is directly sold by the manufacturer, it can truly achieve good quality and low price. We welcome customers to call and negotiate.

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    Professional security guard

  • Industry expertise

    Industry expertise

    Create safety protection standards

  • Continuous focus on innovation

    Continuous focus on innovation

    Leading industry development

  • E-commerce demonstration enterprise

  • Digital Commerce Demonstration Enterprise

  • Logistics standardization pilot enterprise

  • Provincial key service industry enterprises

Ganghua is the first e-commerce demonstration enterprise, digital commerce demonstration enterprise, logistics standardization pilot enterprise, provincial key service industry enterprise, and provincial high-end brand cultivation enterprise in the industry. The company has been recognized as an Anshan service brand and a well-known Anshan brand, and is a major circulation enterprise in the safety protection equipment industry in China.


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Scale, intelligence, digitization
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    We have deep cooperation with multiple courier companies such as SF Express, JD Express, Baishi, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, and EMS.

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    We have collaborated with over 1000 local dedicated logistics companies to establish an efficient and cost-effective logistics system covering all parts of the country.

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    Join hands with Zhongtong Express, China Railway Express, Su'er Express, Debang Logistics, Tiandi Huayu, and SF Express to better meet your needs and make it faster.

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    Self built local logistics, responsible for cargo transportation and end user distribution between Xinminghui Storage Center and dedicated logistics.

Professional, making safety simpler
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    Shipbuilding Industry

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    Subway industry

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    Wind power industry

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    Electric arc industry

Establishing cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign brands
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      Before 2003

      Traditional store management model


      Starting a business and laying a solid foundation


      Survival in Stable Scale Operation


      Building a digital industry chain


      Traditional store management model


      Entering Taobao and establishing a research and development team


      Settle in third-party platforms such as Taobao,, and Alibaba, and establish a research and development team


      Entering JD


      Certified by ISO 9000 quality system


      Qishen Mall PC, APP, and WeChat mini program officially launched





      Our Vision

      The company has been committed to model innovation, service innovation and management innovation for many years, and has established a professional vertical e-commerce platform for the industrial safety industry - Xinminghui Shopping Mall...

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